1966 The Ahm house

Welcome to Leonardo Lennart at LLtechM's building technology education and information.

I will teach, educate, inform and hopfully even entertain you about modern moisture correct building technology and maybe some other modern technology in general. Since I like the modernism design style most pictures that's not in direct relationship to any article will most likely be something related to modernism (or some beautiful nature/wildlife).

The default main language will be in english, some pages will be in mixed english and swedish. If you have any difficulties with any of those languages feel free to use your favorite online translator when reading on this site. English is my second language.

Mostly, moisture correct building technology applies to buildings in colder climates but I will also address some situations that can occur in warmer climates. The physics is of course the same regardless warm or cold climate zones. There will be a lot talk about temperature and relative humidity (RH) and how they correlate to each other. I will use the modern metric unit system and temperature in celcius (there is only three countries (officially) in the world that use the ancient imperial units (USA in company with Burma and Liberia)). So if you are in an imperial unit country feel free to use your favorite unit translator app.

Words writen on this site and spoken words in my videos are my own opinion only. If you don't like my opinions I must ask you to not read and not watch my videos. For the rest of you, have fun!

Kungsängen Sweden, (looking west from Stäketön).