Donations information

Any donation is appreciated, thank you!

Donations can be paid to PayPalMe or serveral crypto currencies.


Nano (crypto):

Bitcoin (crypto) wallet address: bc1qc389lman7ptluusqyakc43av9g30dfxtenqgtv

Monero (crypto) wallet address: 48P8R8CoZCy4kfBiNMmvz46xiFgeeByybJs6gLWjYWUibBmfLrRXRnHMD8kcJddHdmbE6ozjEzbgi2jSTQW49AaKUwBE6hr

Stellar (crypto) wallet address: GCCI6THCHTUPWXOZ2VH73376FJAGYG47FN4DNWGI7N24KF36ATVR3N7E

Etherum (crypto) wallet address: 0xdf1704159469f70944ddB654B1ba466D15c99487

Qtum (crypto) wallet address: QP4XUbFJPdcSXfMehEiJNTAGf5v1oU1wvH

Cosmos (crypto) wallet address: cosmos1tmxf6xl4epvfq9pfws4zk522v2ef02ze5hetc0

PAX Gold (crypto) wallet address: 0xdf1704159469f70944ddB654B1ba466D15c99487

Let me know if you want me to add a specific crypto currency that you like to donate to.

This article was updated on 8 May 2024