1969 house
Wolfgang Feierbach Bungalow FG 2000, 1968-69 house

Welcome to LLtechM Technology Education. This site is made by Lenny (Leonardo Lennart).

House building engineer, speciality moisture correct house building technology. Over twenty years of experience in moisture correct building technology.

I teach and give information in above subject. Onsite or via telephone/video consulting.

Over the twenty years I have in my profession, I have given onsite consultation, investigation, moisture measurements and even installation of dehumidifiers and underpressure ventilation systems in critical parts of buildings.

Despite being an engineer, also the tasks of above practical work with installation and such have given me a very wide understanding of the process and not only experience from teoretical work. So here's an engineer that also knows how to do stuff in practice. I also have other technical educations and work experiences, for example electronics, it/computer service/consulting etc.

I'm dependent on donations, advertises, sponsors and the like from my work with education videos and this site. I'm open to such business offers.

In the field of moisture correct consultations and investigations many are called but very few have the skills to really understand the deepth of the subject. Too many are former handymen with not enough education nor understanding of deeper building technology. You really need the deeper understanding and also have the talent to fully understand what you are doing. Only a handymans education is not enough. They do have the skills and experience from practial building work but lack the education an engineer have. In my over twenty years in this field I have only met one or two former handymen that are up to the task, and I have met more than a hundred that are not. Lets put it this way, if you are really ill and sick you wery much want to see a medical doctor and not just take fully advise from a nurse or the nursing assistant. Nurses are good at what they are doing, they can even speak the "language", but they are not doctors. In really serious conditions you want the doctor, end of story.

This article was updated on 30 April 2024